Teaching & Learning

Submit your innovative ideas for classroom projects or activities! Or, if you have a great industry partnership in the classroom, we want to hear about it! There are two ways to submit materials to this online repository (see below).

How to Submit

There are two ways to submit materials to this online repository. Both of these options should be submitted via e-mail to Elizabeth Delia.

  1. Submit the teaching material with a brief (50 word) description of
    what the activity is designed to do. Then, provide the assignment document, and/or rubric, or other relevant files.
  2. Submit a more in-depth blog post (approx. 500 words) about the activity, which would fall under our “education” tab on the blog. This content could describe the impact you’ve found the activity to have on your students, or can provide a more in-depth explanation of the tips you’ve learned or changes you’ve made to improve the effectiveness of the activity in your classroom. This analysis can also replicate the things you might explain during the teaching and learning fair face-to-face to give members a better idea of how they could utilize your resources.

Univerisity of Michigan’s Sport Event Bid Competition

by Kerri Bodin, Western University

Ms. Bodin, a master’s student at Western University, discusses her team’s experience competing in UM’s bid competition.

The “Super Four” Course: Using Experiential Learning Pedagogy in Mega Events

by Dr. David Walsh, University of Houston

Dr. Walsh discusses his experiential learning course with the NCAA Final Four and more!

Teaching Game Scripting In Class

by: Rick Smith, Mariotta College

Dr. Rick Smith discusses teaching the art of game scripting to students.

Environmental Sustainability and Sport

by: Brian McCullough and Galen Trail, Seattle University

Drs. McCullough and Trail discuss the  Environmental Sustainability Program they have developed at Seattle University.

Internships: Framing the Conversation

by: Dr. Mike Odio, University of Cincinnati

Dr. Odio shares the legal and ethical issues facing students, educators, and organizations in relation to internships.